Facebook Advertising vs. Google Advertising – Which is better?

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Facebook and Google are two big names in the internet space that need no introduction. With their unique offerings, both of these companies have millions of users using their services to make daily life better.

Coming to the revenue part, both Facebook and Google make their revenue majorly by advertisements. Facebook earns roughly about 86% while 96% of Google’s revenue is from ads. So, what advertising models do they have and what’s common, and what’s different between them. This is just a comparison post of Facebook Advertising vs Google Advertising.

The folks at Wordstream came up with Info-graphic illustrating the capabilities of both these giants in advertising departments. As, they say the comparison is specific of the display advertising capabilities of Facebook against only the display advertising component of Google’s business ( The Google Display Network), which makes up roughly 20% of Google’s total advertising business. The Google Display Network allows advertisers to place contextual ads on a network of sites across the Internet (including Google properties like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail as well as over 2 million other participating sites), rather than in the search results.

You can read the complete post here. Do let us know what you think of this info-graphic and Facebook advertising vs Google advertising which is better?

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Advertising

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