HOW TO FIXED: PS4 error WC-36551-0

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playstation 4 error code wc-36551-0

Solutions to fix PS4 error WC-36551-0

  • Check your billing address
  • Use a different card
  • Restart your PS4 and disconnection from PSN
  • Use a computer to log in to PlayStation from a web browser
  • Delete your credit card information

PS4 error WC-36551-0 is an error code that indicates a payment issue occurred and you cannot complete your purchase. In this guide, we’ll talk about why this error occurs and how you can fix it.

SOLVED: PS4 Store error WC-36551-0

First of all, make sure that you accurately entered the billing address associated to that card. Double check all the information necessary for the purchase to complete and make sure there are no typos which could block your transactions.

If you’ve got another card near by, you may also try to pay for your purchase using a different card.

Many users also confirmed that restarting the PlayStation console solved this problem. So, turn off your console, unplug absolutely all the cables, wait patiently for a couple of minutes and then boot up your console.

Now, if error WC-36551-0 still won’t go away, use a computer to log in to PlayStation from a web browser. Enter your account, go to Account Details, select Location, scroll down to edit, and validate your street address once again. Save the changes and return to the home screen and then navigate to the Add debit/credit card option.

Delete your credit card information and start fresh. Don’t forget to check the box that allows you to use a residential address for the card. Save the changes and then return to your PlayStation Store and check if you can purchase the problematic item. If the payment issue persists, wait for 24 hours and then add your credit card information once again.

There you go, you can quickly fix error WC-36551-0 by restarting your PS4 console, validating your billing address or refreshing all your credit card information.

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