How do I fix PS4 Internet error NW-31367-0?

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fix PS4 network error NW-31367-0

If you keep getting error NW-31367-0 when connecting your PlayStation console to the Internet, we may have a fix for you. First of all, rest assured, there is no need to panic. PS4 error code NW-31367-0 is one of the most frequently encountered PS errors. The good news is that there are a few fixes that you can use to solve this problem and we’ll list them below.

How can I fix PS4 network error NW-31367-0?

  • Restart your network hardware and PS4 console

When something stops working, the very first action to take is to restart the respective devices. In your case, since we’re talking about an Internet connection issue on your console, you need to simply reboot your router/modem, as well as your PlayStation console. Once you’re done, check if you’ve got a stable Internet connection.

  • Replace the WiFi antenna

Some gamers also suggested replacing the WiFi antenna of the PS4 console. While this is a solution worth taking into consideration, keep in mind that it might void your warranty to proceed at your own risk. The best solution is to simply send your console to Sony. If the WiFi antenna is not working properly, Sony will take the necessary steps to fix it or replace it completely.

  • Use a cable connection

While WiFi connections are definitely more practical, if you’re in a hurry and you need a quick fix, you can simply use a cable connection. Perhaps you really need to complete a particular game mission, so go ahead and use an Ethernet cable to connect your PS4 console to your modem. Once you’ve successfully completed the mission, you can continue searching for a permanent fix — which may be the next one on our list.

  • Reset your router

Most Internet connection errors on PS4 consoles are actually triggered by your network hardware or incorrect network settings. You can quickly fix this problem by resetting your modem. Locate the reset button and keep holding it until your modem restarts. Keep in mind that this method restores your modem to default settings.

There you go, one of these solutions should fix error NW-31367-0. Let us know which one worked for you.

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