How To Backup your Facebook Data? – 5 Easy Steps

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Backup your Facebook Data in 5 Easy Steps

There are various reasons, why we need to always take backup of our Facebook Account!

  • Lots of important status we need to keep for future reference
  • Hundreds of photos we uploaded on Facebook
  • Our Friends and huge contact list we have maintained
  • Our likes and favorite pages

How to Take Backup of your Facebook Data

backup facebook account data

 # 1. Login to your Facebook Account

# 2. Goto Account settings and find Download Facebook Data option
# 3. Select which kind of download you wants to do, you may select expanded download option for detail download options. You can always click “Learn more”  to get exact idea on what it downloads
# 4. Confirm your Download


Once you click “Start My Archieve” you will receive confirmation that Facebook team will send an email to you with your account information and that you can download from email.

# 5. Open your backup and extract information and photos

Once you get email from Facebook, you will get a folder named your username and that contains two sub folders named HTML and Photos. HTML folder contains your likes, status, Friends and their email addresses (if provided) etc. and Photos contains all your photos on Facebook.

So, now you are ready with the backup of your Facebook. In case you lose your Facebook account because of any reasons, you are now safe as your Facebook backup is handy with you.
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