How to create an offer for Facebook Page

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Facebook has begun rolling out Facebook Offers which helps local businesses share offers with users directly in their news feed. And if the user clicks through the offer, he will be receiving an email that he can use to redeem at the store.

Facebook Offers are free for admins to create and share but are only available to limit local businesses. In this post, we shall see how to create an offer for Facebook Page.

create Facebook offers

How to create an offer for Facebook Page?

  1. Go to your Facebook Page
  2. From the sharing tool at the top of your Page’s timeline, click on Offer Event +, and then click Offer.
  3. Type your headline for your offer. Make sure it is appealing and strong like “Buy one pair of socks, get another pair free”.
  4. Upload a photo for you want to show as a thumbnail in your offer.
  5. Choose to limit the number of claims by clicking Unlimited and selecting a number from the dropdown.
  6. Then you should set an expiration date by clicking today’s date and clicking a different day in the future.
  7. Add the terms and conditions to your offer.
  8. Now you can preview your offer.
  9. Review how your offer looks like and then click Post.

And there you go, you have successfully created a Facebook Offer for your Page.

If you want your offer to be claimed and shared successfully, it is really important to design a successful Facebook Offer. You have to have the heading look really authentic and appealing with an appropriate thumbnail. If people don’t understand your offer or think it looks like spam, they might hide it from news feeds or mark it as spam and unlike your Page.

Have you created your Facebook Offer yet? If not, its time to create one

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