How to Disable Facebook Ads using Your Name

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How to Disable Facebook Ads using Your Name

We always see various Brand and Facebook Pages using your Friends Name and comes on top of your Facebook feed page and try to convince you to Like that page or click on the promotion they are offering. Similarly your friends also must be getting promotions of pages you already have liked.


facebook security tricks disable facebook ads how to

Something like below:

disable facebook ads stop brands use your name


So, other Brands using your Name in front of your friends to gain more business. Actually nothing wrong in that, as they are already paying to Facebook for such promotions. But sometimes you may prefer not to disclose your information or likes with your Friends and disable Facebook Ads using your name.

1) Login to your Facebook account

disable facebook ads brand using your name

2)  Click on “About Me” or “your name” on top left corner


how to disable facebook ads

3) Scroll Down to find your “LIKE” section, Click “Edit section” and select “Edit Privacy”


4) Change “Others” and “Interest” privacy to “Only Me”


That’s it. Now, your Liked pages won’t be using YOU for their Advertisements. 🙂

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