HOW TO FIXED: PS4 WiFi works but LAN doesn’t

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fix ps4 lan issues

If your PS4 LAN cable won’t work, read this guide to learn how you can quickly fix the problem. Indeed, most PS4 owners prefer to use WiFi connections for their daily gaming sessions since it’s more convenient. However, there are also many players who choose to use a LAN connection for their PS4 gaming sessions.

LAN connections are more stable and reliable, offering faster Internet speed and game responsiveness. But what can you do if your PS LAN connection stopped working? Here are a few suggestions.

PS4 LAN cable not working

1. Check your IP address

If your PS4 LAN won’t work, the first thing to do is check your IP address. Make sure that the IP address and default gateway of your LAN connection are the same available on your PS4. Plug your Ethernet cable into your laptop and run the ipconfig command. Analyze the IP4 and Default Gatewat values and add them to your PlayStation console.

2. Test a different Ethernet cable

Another common issue why LAN is not working on PS4 is that you’re using a faulty Ethernet cable. Try a different cable and check if this quick workaround solved the problem.

3. Try a different modem

Make sure that you network hardware is working as it should. First off all, reboot your router/modem. Then, if you have a second modem around, connect it to your PS4 console and test your connection.

4. Change DNS server settings

Many users confirmed that manually changing the DNS server settings helped them restore their LAN connection on PS4. So, go ahead, and use as your Primary DNS and as your secondary DNS.

5. Update your router/modem firmware version

Go to your router/ modem manufacturer’s website and install the latest software version for your device. The latest modem firmware updates often bring hardware compatibility improvements, so it’s really important to regularly check for updates.

6. Set up a new connection

  1. Go to your PS4 home screen > navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet ConnectionSet Up Internet Connection ps4
  2. Select the option Use a LAN Cableset up LAN cable connection PS4
  3. You will be asked how you want to set up your connection > select Easy
    The message ‘Test Internet Connection’ will appear on the screen to complete the connection set up process.

There you go, I hope these quick suggestions helped you fix your PS4 LAN issues.

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