How To Promote Any Posts in Facebook?

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There were reports earlier that hinted at Facebook testing a new “Facebook Promoted posts” feature. Facebook has officially confirmed and announced it a little while ago. This feature allows businesses to promote their posts and show updates to more people by paying a fee for doing so.

Facebook has also made an official post explaining how the promoted posts work. The concept is pretty straight forward. When you post a post on your Facebook page, it reaches only a limited amount of people that like your page. But Facebook Promoted posts help increase the people the post reaches. It’s an easy and fast way to reach more people that like your page and your friends as Facebook says.

Say, for instance, a merchant has an announcement of a new product addition to their existing list of products, they can choose to promote the post having the details about it. The Facebook promoted posts will ensure that it gets better placement in the Facebook fan’s news feeds so that it will reach many eyeballs.

Facebook Promoted Posts

How and Who can Promote the posts

Facebook promoted posts You can just visit the sharing tool to create a post, and then you can find a “Promote” tab next to the “Post” and “Public” buttons. Clicking on the “Promote” drop-down menu will allow you to set your budget of how much you want to spend (such as $5 or $10) to highlight the post throughout the duration of the promotion.

You can promote any kind of post including status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions. All the promoted posts will show up in the news feeds of the people who like your Page and, when they interact with the post, to their friends. These posts will be labeled as “Sponsored” in the news feed. More over, Promoted posts will not be shown in the right-hand column of Facebook.Promote Your Page Posts

People can target posts based on specific location or language and even have the ability to keep track of how many people view the post. The basic criterion for promoting a post is it should not be more that three days old.

 Facebook in its post said,” Just like with ads, you may be billed daily to the primary funding source you’ve designated in your Ads Manager, and only for the amount that is used to run your campaign. You can view your primary funding source as well as access invoices from the gear drop-down in the “Promote” button, or from your Ads Manager.”

You can visit the help center for Facebook Promoting posts to check out all the details more closely with more screenshots.

Well, Facebook has definitely been on fire whole of May with announcements ranging from Facebook IPO to its new App Center, now its time for Facebook Promoted Posts. How do you see the Facebook Promoted posts idea playing out…do let us know in the comments below.

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